Infonity Group Pvt. Ltd. - Nepal’s fastest growing corporate catering to a billion aspirations- Established in 2015

With a market worth of more than $155.00 billion the Infonity Group Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified organization with 5 publicly traded entities. We are here in the market to develop a portfolio of world-class transportation and utilities infrastructure that is present throughout the globe. Nepal is a home to the headquarters of the Infonity Group Pvt. Ltd. With a focus on large-scale development across globe and O & M procedures that are benchmarked to international norms, Infonity Group Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as the market leader in its food, pharma, transport logistics and energy utility portfolio sectors. It is the sole Infrastructure Investment Grade issuer in Nepal and has four IG rated companies.

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One Team, One Vision: Our Leadership

We are a team of more than 23,000 individuals working together for a similar goal. Our organization is headed by one of Nepal most forward-thinking Chairman, who is assisted by a capable and knowledgeable management team.

Our Mission

To cultivate, manufacture, process and serve best in class food retaining freshness and hygiene and other products, fit for daily consumption.

Our Vision

A globally recognized import export company nourishing every day routine.

Our team

Meet our leaders and the hard-working personalities who deliver innovative concepts to corporations like yours.


What We Do ?

Infonity Group Pvt. Ltd. owes its achievements and position as a market leader to its basic philosophy of "Nation Building," which is motivated by "Growth with Goodness," a tenet for sustainable growth. By realigning its companies with a focus on climate protection and expanding community involvement through its CSR programme, Infonity Group Pvt. Ltd. is committed to boosting its ESG impact. These principles include sustainability, diversity, and shared values.

Across all economic and social spheres, Infonity Group Pvt. Ltd.’s product and service range affects nearly all Nepalis on a daily basis. Our current efforts are concentrated on creating platforms that will usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and provide all the nation and all of its citizens with opportunities and pathways to realize their full potential. We’re a non-profit organization ready to fuel your growth through exporting food and agricultural products.

How it works

We connect Nepal food suppliers with global buyers to create opportunities that extend their distribution and boost international business growth.


We are dedicated to being the best in both spirit and deed. We think there is always room for improvement in all we do and think. We always strive for excellence because we frame all of our actions in terms of our higher purposes and goals.

Client Value

The customer, in our opinion, is the only thing that can ensure our continued success. Every action we take must consistently and completely satisfy our customers.

Excellent Services
Our Core Values And Dedicated Team

There should be no compromising when it comes to food. In order to maintain the food's quality and freshness, we work hard to give you the best services possible.

The Nepal market is the best because...

Process that guarantees high productivity and profitability for your solution.

A Growth Base

Nepal, one of the top exporters of agricultural products, employs more than 50% of its people in the industry.

Reasonable Rates

Nepal produces spices, oils, and other food goods at extremely competitive prices thanks to its cheap labor and raw material costs.

Variety Of Flavors And Spices

The nation is the biggest producer of spices and is referred to as the "land of spices." The nation is proud of its enormous selection of spices, which offer a wide spectrum of flavors.

The Best Food Products

To ensure good quality, every food product produced in Nepal must pass certification and quality assurance tests.

NEPAL’S Diversity And Nepaln Culture

The reason behind this is due to the varied Nepal civilizations. The variety of culinary options accessible is due to the varied Nepal civilizations. No country achieves this better than the United States, which has distinct flavors and blends in each of its regions.

Technology And Innovation

Nepal’s technology innovations and achievements have made international trading even easier in a nation endowed with brilliant scientific brains, making it the ideal alternative.

Buy From Us, We Will Tell You Why?

  • 01You Demand, We Supply
  • 02Quality Matters
  • 03Customer Centric
  • 04Good Experience in Food Products Trading
  • 05Trusted & Legally Approved Certified Services
  • 06Planned Shipment Schedules
  • 07Prompt Delivery
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